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Capital Campaign News

Dear Friends:

A big thank you to Hospitals of Providence, Facilities Connection, The Rotary Club in Albuquerque, Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Calvin Dudley for recent donations of office furniture and medical equipment and supplies. In-kind donations are much needed and greatly appreciated. These donations allow us to keep our expenses down and continue to meet the needs of those we serve. 

FEMAP’s medical units provide more than 530,000 medical services a year. Below are samples of medical services costs.

Medical Services and Cost

Mammography- $20.23

General MD Consultation- $5.46

Specialized MD Consultation- $10.93

Cervical & Uterine Cancer Detection (with Pathologist)- $5.86

Colposopy-  $13.67

Delivery—Regular - $234.37

Delivery—C-Section - $507.81

Prenatal Exams-  $17.57

Hysterectomy- $664.06

Appendectomy-  $585.93

Thorax PA & Lateral (X Ray)- $16.78

Ultrasound Studies with Radiologist:

Obstetric- $14.06

Mammary Glands- $14.06

Prostate- $19.53

We take this opportunity to invite you for a tour of Hospital de la Familia.