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ValorArte Program End of Year Presentation

Under the guidance of international choreographer and educator Jacques D'Amboise, FEMAP created the ValorArte program, which uses dance to let children’s confidence soar. Young minds discover an artistic expression and academic discipline they didn’t know they had. The program enriches creative thinking, fortifies a sense of security and strengthens self-discipline while keeping more than 500 children physically active through hundreds of dance sessions. The program is possible thanks to funding from the Paso Del Norte Challenge Fund through the Friends of FEMAP International Gala.

The ValorArte program translates beyond the artistic expression, the program resonates in the community impacting the child’s quality of life as it positively affects the child’s surrounding. The program contributes to the unification of a community as many parents of the children involved in the program live in the vicinity areas of the chosen schools and get together to appreciate their children rehearsing and performing, while building at the same time a sense of pride and belonging.

The ValorArte program takes place where quality afterschool programs are non-existent, mostly in disadvantaged, marginalized communities and colonias of Cd. Juarez.  Each year, ValorArte transforms the lives of hundreds children and their communities through weekly dance and art classes, and public performances.The program works with children to ensure they develop personal standards of excellence, discipline, understanding of others, a pride of achievement, and a curiosity about the world that supports their success in school and in life.

The closing event has a theme attached to it. The theme is a relevant topic for children that often suggest a change in behavior. This year's presentation is titled "Un Planeta Llamado Tierra, Estan Observandonos...(A Planet Called Earth, They are Watching Us...)" promises to deliver the same quality as previous year's presentation and now with a recycling theme attached. The event is scheduled to take place at Teatro Hugo Rascon Banda at the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte at 5 p.m.

The final presentation show consists of nine or ten acts with an average duration of 75 minutes and the participation of 500-600 children in scene. The staging performance counts at times with the involvement of teachers, who often times join and participate with great enthusiasm. The performance has live music, musicians who will have accompanied and rehearsed with the children throughout the school year.

The presentation will include the participation of fourth grade elementary students out of Constitucion, Nuevo Mexico, Valentin Gomez Farias, Octavio Paz, Jose Rubio Ortega, Fernando Jordan, Leona Vicario, Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Lazaro Cardenas and supported by the Avanza2 group (composed of children in the second year at ValorArte’s program).