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ValorArte Para Niños y Niñas End-of-Year Presentation

This year’s ValorArte Para Niñas y Niños presentation “Un Planeta Llamado Tierra, Estan Observandonos/A Planet Called Earth, they are Watching Us” exhilarated on environmental consciousness and encouraged an eco-friendly culture.

The 75-minute performance was accompanied by a vivid live band and featured backdrop artwork emblematic to the elements of each of the schools participating in the program. The backdrops were designed and painted by the same children on scene. ValorArte Para Niñas y Niños program is implemented in the most marginalized, gang-ridden communities in the municipality of Cd. Juarez.

Approximately 550 children participated in this year’s ValorArte presentation, performed on June 29, 2016 at the Teatro Hugo Rascon Banda inside the Paso del Norte Cultural Center in Cd. Juarez. The presentation included the participation of fourth grade elementary students out of Leona Vicario, Constitucion, Valentin Gomez Farias, Octavio Paz, Lazaro Cardenas, Fernando Jordan, Nuevo Mexico, Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, and Jose Rubio and was supported by their teachers and the Avanza2 group (composed of children in their second or third year, who aged out but asked to stay at ValorArte’s program).

The charming performance included theatrical representations, dance compositions, singing, and choreographies portraying good behaviors to combat the contamination/pollution of nature’s resources as water, flora and fauna, air, and soil. The presentation also included instructive-like portrayals of good disposal practices for technology waste. Moreover, the presentation had an original song, which was part of a small campaign for resource care- “Las 3 R’s: Reducir, Reutiliz-ar, y Reciclar (the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reutilize, and Recycle).”

“Valor Arte is based on the National Dance Institute in New York City. The program was founded by dancer Jacques d’Amboise in the belief that the arts have a unique power to engage children and motivate them toward excellence,” says Lic. Maria Eugenia Parra - FEMAP’s Youth Programs Director.

Each year, ValorArte transforms the lives of hundreds children and their communities through weekly dance and art classes, and public performances. The program works with children to ensure they develop personal standards of excel-lence, discipline, understanding of others, a pride of achieve-ment, and a curiosity about the world that supports their success in school and in life.

FEMAP’s Youth Programs reach 8,000 children and adolescents every year.