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35 Students Receive RN Scholarships

Monday, February 4th, 2013 -- Thirty-five (35) nursing school students have received scholarships to FEMAP’s School of Nursing for the 2013 academic year. FEMAP Foundation provided $14,500 to assist 33 of those students. Once again, private donor and Friend of FEMAP, Ernestina Monclova took under her wing three young mothers looking for a better life through education, and provided them with full paid tuition.

Del Sol Medical Center has provided a one-year scholarship for an American student.

The school has graduated more than 1,000 general nurses in the last 19 years,” said Dr. Gustavo Martinez, Medical Director for FEMAP’s Hospitals and a professor at the School of Nursing. “We have enrolled 524 students for the 2013 academic year and we currently have 30 American students attending the school,” he adds.

FEMAP opened the School of Nursing in 1993 and its reputation for providing an excellent education at a very low cost has made it popular among the population served. The cost to attend the FEMAP School of Nursing for a Mexican resident is $84 a month or $998 a year. Cost for a foreign student is $112 a month or $1,334 a year. These amounts include registration and tuition fees plus the costs of uniforms and books. The degree is a three-year program.

“In the past couple of years, FEMAP's nursing school has grown to be one of the largest in the state of Chihuahua,” said Rosalinda Guerra, R.N. M.S.N, a professor at the school. “Our mission is to educate students so they provide compassionate, ethical, scientific, comprehensive and professional healthcare in an atmosphere of total respect for individuals and their families,” adds Nurse Guerra.

In 2012, three of the FEMAP’s Nursing School students graduated as “the best qualified nurse within the state of Chihuahua in the Centro Nacional de Evaluacion para la Educacion (CENEVAL)". CENEVAL is the National Centre of Evaluation for Higher Education. Its main activity is the design and administration of assessment instruments for abilities and competencies, as well as the analysis and dissemination of results obtained. A non-profit organization, CENEVAL was founded in 1994 by a mandate of The National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) and provides valid and reliable information about the knowledge and abilities of people.

Currently, the school is located within Hospital de la Familia.