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FEMAP School of Nursing Groundbreaking

Monday, October 7th, 2013 -- To meet the great demand of applicants who wish to study nursing, FEMAP conducted their groundbreaking of the new facilities of the FEMAP School of Nursing on September 21, 2013.

“Everything started 40 years ago, when Mrs. Guadalupe Arizpe de De la Vega made it her mission to make information on reproductive health and prenatal care to a group of women. They in turn took this information into their communities. These women used their own words to convey the message and had much success,” explains Dr. Enrique Suarez Toriello, Executive Director for the FEMAP in Cd. Juarez. As a result, the first, Promotoras de Salud Comunitarias (Volunteer Health Promoter Program) was established in the Americas. The FEMAP School of Nursing was established 20 years ago.

The new FEMAP School of Nursing facility will accommodate twice the current enrollment of students and the remodeling and expansion of Hospital de la Familia. The new School will have the capacity to educate 1,000 nurses per year and thus graduate 250 to 300 nurses per year. This will result in greater professional opportunities for the poor of Cd. Juarez and increased medical services for those we serve. The School of Nursing will be built on four levels expanding what is already the largest school of nursing in the state of Chihuahua. It will include 10 classrooms, an auditorium seating for 300, five clinical laboratories, a library with a computer room, professors’ lounge, and offices. New construction will total 53,690 square feet. The current school has graduated 1,175 nurses in the last 20 years.

The cost of purchasing the land for the FEMAP School of Nursing has been paid by a private donor as well as the initial remodeling of Hospital De la Familia.