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FEMAP Foundation Receives Grants from Paso Del Norte Health Foundation

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 -- The FEMAP Foundation received two grants from Paso del Norte Health Foundation. “We are eternally grateful to the organization and donors. They have been wonderful friends and supporters of FEMAP, says Anna Alemán, Executive Director.”

2013 HEAL: Valor Nutricional en Ninos
Funding source: Paso del Norte Health Foundation
Amount: $80,000

Program Description: To contribute to improving the health of children in the area west of Cd. Juarez, through access to a healthy diet, an assessment of their nutritional status with specialized attention and promotion of physical activity in 7 primary schools with extended hours covering an area of 10 colonies in Cd. Juarez, which will allow inside and outside of school choice and consumption of food and drinks.

2013 IGNITE: Youth Engagement Initiative: Proyecto Piloto de Vinculacion Juvenil en la Comunidad de Villa del Campo en Cd. Juarez
Funding source: Paso del Norte Health Foundation
Amount: $72,000

Program Description: To implement a pilot plan that will help reduce the time that children and youth are unsupervised by adults and are without after school activities. This program will also make activities available to 180 children and youth in the Villa de Campo neighborhood in the Southwest part of Cd. Juarez that will advance the development of their potential and keep them engaged. These goals are key in moving youth from being disconnected to connected.

“While others talk about transforming the future of Juarez, ValorArte is generating and nurturing the next generation of Juarenzes by providing access to positive role models, the arts, exercise, and even if it is for only a couple of hours a day, much happiness,” adds Anna Alemán, FEMAP Foundation Executive Director. “FEMAP is helping transform our region by nurturing the future generations of Juarezes.”

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