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SPHN donates Stethoscopes to FEMAP School of Nursing graduates

Monday, August 4th, 2014 -- Sierra Providence Health Network held a new and used stethoscope collection drive in the community for El Paso and Juarez nursing students that graduated from FEMAP School of Nursing in Ciudad Juarez. Sixty nurses received the new stethoscopes.

With this drive, SPHN wanted to ensure that each graduating nurse had a stethoscope, an indispensable instrument for medical staff. Stethoscopes are a necessity for graduating nurses.

“A stethoscope is one of the most essential medical instrument, however, in many parts, the access to these is very limited,” said Eric Evans, CEO of Providence Memorial Hospital, Sierra Medical Center and Providence Children’s Hospital. “We believe in the importance of FEMAP’s School of Nursing for the El Paso and Juarez region and wanted to help out with this need.”

FEMAP opened the School of Nursing in 1993 and is well known for providing excellent quality education at an extremely low cost. For over 20 years La Escuela de Enfermeria de FEMAP (FEMAP School of Nursing) in Ciudad Juarez has been providing excellent nursing education to students from Juarez and El Paso.

Located on the border in El Paso, Texas the FEMAP School of Nursing is part of the FEMAP Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping FEMAP-SADEC, whose mission is to raise the quality of life among people living in poverty in Mexico, through a variety of health, economic, and social services. FEMAP is equally committed to improving conditions on both sides of the border, through the support of many of FEMAP-SADEC’s programs. The School of Nursing is one of these projects.