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A Big Thank you to the FEMAP Gala Committee and our Gala Chair

Monday, October 13th, 2014 -- Salina Van Deman served as the 2014 Chair for the FEMAP Fundraiser Gala and has been volunteering with the organization since 2009. Salina volunteers because she believes in the mission of FEMAP - To raise the quality of life among people living in poverty in our Region, through health services, education, research, and economic and social empowerment. She has toured Hospital de la Familia, the Pedi-Orthopedic Clinic and FEMAP School of Nursing and has seen firsthand the positive impact volunteering has made.
“The FEMAP Foundation has been such a strong advocate for the U.S. - Mexico border region, and with the help of Friends of FEMAP International, the Foundation can continue to raise awareness and help serve people that need access to FEMAP’s important programs and services,” says VanDeman.

The Friends of FEMAP International volunteer group was started in the 1990s. The original group helped raise funds to expand and buy medical equipment for Hospital de la Familia. Today’s Friends hold various functions within the organization, from coordinating the fundraiser gala, to assisting with administrative projects, event planning and publicity.

Salina VanDeman, 2014 Gala Chair
Rita Baca
Cathi Banda
Elsa Barraza
Mariana Barraza
Carla Canales
Cynthia Canales
Guadalupe Canales
Carla Cardoza
Jan Chapman
Georgina Contreras
Guillermo Correa
Michelle Cummings
Guadalupe De la Vega
Miriam Guadalupe De la Vega
Olga Delgado
Tita Hunt
Luz Elena Farías de Jimenez
Amy Parker
Darlene Piña
Ana Salazar-Rentería
Alejandro Romero
Louie Salazar
Dr. Enrique Suárez Toriello