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Mobile Health Clinic to benefit from Paso del Norte Challenge Fund

Monday, November 10th, 2014 -- The Mobile Health Clinic is a medical unit dedicated towards the early detection and treatment of cervical and uterine cancer amongst women living in marginalized communities of the Ciudad Juárez municipality. The Promotoras de Salud Comunitarias (Community Health Volunteers) along with a team of gynecologists and nurses travel to rural colonias of Ciudad Juárez providing free screenings for these two strains of cancer. The mobile clinic saves many lives because medical personnel can provide treatment instantaneously. While screenings are taking place, the Promotoras also distribute literature and conduct information sessions on reproductive health. The Medical Units and Mobile Clinics perform more than 4,500 colposcopies each year. In 2012, 505 free cervical cancer detections were conducted and 90 Cryosurgeries and/or Electro-surgeries were provided to women living in these areas of Cd. Juarez. The Promotoras also coordinated 19 health fairs in their communities reaching a total of 1,349 people.