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Amor Por Juarez awards scholarship money to FEMAP School of Nursing students

Monday, January 12th, 2015 -- Amor Por Juarez gifted the FEMAP Foundation $5,000 and it is to be used for awards to graduates from the school of nursing. During the December 2014 graduation, the graduates below were awarded $400 each due to excelling their grade point average during their years at school and last two had the top honors with CENEVAL (Centro Nacional de Evaluacion para la Educacion, National Center of Evaluation for Higher Education):

Guillermo Perez Martinez
Blanca Isela Cobos Delgado
Gloria Nayeli Villegas Hernandez
Maria Isabel Valtierra Trujillo
Victoria Tenorio Ortiz

Amor Por Juarez also awarded Dr. Luis Martinez Rodriguez with $500 for being an outstanding teacher.

“Some of these students have a job or are taking care of a family and the way they have become dedicated students is amazing, it's admirable. Two of these students received high scores on the CENEVAL test, which is a great accomplishment. One thing that is very important is that the new FEMAP School of Nursing is almost ready and will double the capacity of nursing students and we look forward to having many more professionals,” says Mrs. Guadalupe De la Vega, founder of FEMAP.

Amor por Juárez is a nonprofit organization that seeks to foster a love of our city through promoting and supporting projects that create identity and sense of belonging in Ciudad Juarez, reaching a positive based on achievements in the image of the city at a local, national and international level. Since founded in 2009, Amor por Juárez, has generated funds to help the youth of Juarez leading them away from a path of violence and corruption and preparing them to be productive members of the society with a hopeful future through programs such as clinics, DNA and Meet my City program. To learn more about them, please visit their website at