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Capital Campaign News

Dear Capital Campaign Friends,

It has been a busy summer as we continue to move forward with the ambitious and exhilarating initiative that will transform the lives of thousands of families in our bi-national region.

I am pleased to announce that our friends Laurie Paternoster and Mike Churchman have pledged $30,000 to our capital campaign. This generous gift will pay for a mammography machine for FEMAP’s Hospital de la Familia.

With this pledge, the two machines that Hospital de la Familia needed are covered thanks to the donations of Laurie and Mike as well as a pledge from David & Flo Buchmueller.
These gifts will save lives

The mammography machine is not only necessary equipment needed at Hospital de la Familia, it translates beyond that, it makes an important screening accessible for a woman who otherwise may not be able to afford it. The cost of the exam is $20 and it is performed by a doctor with results delivered the same day. This yearly exam may save the life of a mother, daughter or a grandmother.

Education and access to health care transforms people’s lives by opening doors, widening horizons and giving people the chance to change their lives for the better. But all too often, those who stand to benefit most are held back by poverty, prejudice, or lack of opportunity.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give anyone in our bi-national Region equal access to higher education, whatever their circumstances. We believe that FEMAP is uniquely positioned to make this happen, but not without your continued support.

Thanks for all you do.