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FEMAP's ValorArte para Niños y Niñas- End of Year Presentation

This year’s ValorArte Para Niñas y Niños end-of-year presentation, “Viajando en un Abrir y Cerrar de Hojas/Traveling by Opening and Closing Pages” showcased that the power of imagination and learning is fueled by reading.

The 90 minute performance featured more than 550 children between the ages of nine to 12 years-old.

Students from the following schools were represented: Octavio Paz, Club Sertoma, Constitucion, Jose Rubio Ortega, Leona Vicario, Lombardo Toledano, and Nuevo Mexico.

This year, the student’s teachers (from their respective schools) as well as the Avanza2 group joined in.

Avanza2 are ValorArte alum who aged out but asked to stay in the program.

The performance included theatrical historical representations portrayed by dance compositions and choreography about the different cultures around the world. Rhythms and cultures found included China, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Africa, Mexico, and Greece.

This year’s ValorArte para Niñas y Niños program was made possible by the funds received through the Paso del Norte Foundation’s 2014 Challenge Fund and the Dilworth Family.

“Valor Arte is based on the National Dance Institute in New York City. The program was founded by dancer Jacques d’Amboise in the belief that the arts have a unique power to engage children and motivate them toward excellence,” explains Lic. Maria Eugenia Parra, FEMAP’s Youth Programs Director.

Each year, ValorArte para Niñas y Niños transforms the lives of hundreds children and their communities through weekly dance and art classes, and public performances. The program works with children to ensure they develop personal standards of excellence, discipline, understanding of others, a pride of achievement, and a curiosity about the world that supports their success in school and in life.

FEMAP’s Youth Programs reach 10,000 children and adolescents in Cd. Juarez every year.