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School of Nursing Graduation

59 students graduated from the FEMAP School of Nursing. The students participated in the ceremony of the “Pass of the Light” and received their nurse caps symbolizing the accruing of knowledge and process needed to truly serve as a nurse as well as the nursing emblem pin signifying the student’s passage to clinical practice.

More than 400 family and friends attended the graduation ceremony.

The majority of those seeking a nursing education at FEMAP are poor, seeking scholarships for the $42 per month tuition. The Nursing School provides opportunities for the poorest people to study and become healthcare professionals.

Graduates are guaran-teed good paying jobs upon graduation while serving a desperately underserved region.

Amor Por Juarez recognized Janeth Infanzon Vegara and Nayeli Martinez Cisneros for their outstanding CENEVAL score (Centro Nacional de Evaluacion para la Educacion, National Center of Evaluation for Higher Education).

Juana Frias Dominguez and Karina Aidee Cano Nuñez were also recognized for having the best GPA during their three years in school.

The graduates received $400 each in award money.