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Pediatric-Orthopedic Clinic Celebrates 30 years of Humanitarian Work at Hospital de la Familia

2015 marks 30 years of uninterrupted volunteer work for the team that runs the Pediatric -Orthopaedic Clinic at Hospital de la Familia.

Even when a war between drug cartels exploded, making Cd. Juarez the world's most dangerous city, Dr. Jacob Heydemann, Dr. Cynthia Fisher, Fabian Calderon and Olga Delgado refused to stay away from the children who need them the most

In 1985, Dr. Jacob Heydemann recognized the need for an orthopedic pediatrician in Cd. Juárez and he volunteered himself thus embarking on a quest to grant children access to specialized care, regardless of nationality, socio-economic level or geographic setting.  

What began in a tiny Cd. Juárez clinic with five closet-size rooms blossomed into an international effort involving two hospitals, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, and orthotics suppliers.

All donate their services to help children live as normal a life as possible. 

In 2014, 527 children were treated at the Pediatric-Orthopaedic Clinic at FEMAP’s Hospital de la Familia. 43 children underwent surgery