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Capital Campaign News

Dear Capital Campaign Friends,

Please join us in thanking Lance Kearbey, and Monica Calvillo from Electrolux. FEMAP received a generous donation of much needed refrigerators and a freezer for the School of Nursing as well as Hospital de la Familia. Electrolux’ generous donation will help further the work of FEMAP

FEMAP is building stronger bridges, not of concrete nor steel, but of love and compassion. Our work touches lives every day, sometime in surprising ways. Our accomplishments could not, would not, be achieved, however, without the generous support of our friends and donors.

These financial commitments get us closer to our goal of expanding and remodeling Hospital de la Familia and completing the construction of the new FEMAP School of Nursing. I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you what a difference education and access to health care can make – opening doors, widening horizons and giving people the chance to change their lives for the better. Education helps disadvantaged people fundamentally and permanently.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give anyone in our bi-national Region equal access to higher education, whatever their circumstances. All this leads to a greater economic prosperity for our region.

If you’d like to know how to donate to the Capital Campaign, please contact us at (915) 544-4151.