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Paso del Norte Foundation awards new grants to support healthy eating and active living

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation recently awarded 15 grants totaling more than $2.2 million under the Healthy Eating Active Living Priority Area – HEAL Initiative. The purpose of the HEAL Initiative is to make healthy eating and active living the easy choice for youth and their families.

Funded organizations are:

Arbol de Vida - $106,028.25
Healthy Eating Active Living
To provide meals and offer physical activity for residents near-by middle and high schools at their center in Ciudad Juárez, MX.

Border Partners - $27,500.00
Healthy Eating Active Living in Border region of Luna County and Palomas, MX
To increase fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity opportunities for 1,400 children and their families in Palomas, MX.

Centro de Asesoria y Promocion Juvenil, A.C. (CASA) - $129,800.00
Healthy Teens and Families
To increase fruit and vegetable intake by meal provision, nutrition education, and creating home gardens. Also to provide opportunities for physical activity for disadvantaged adolescents and adults across five CASA community centers in Ciudad Juárez, MX.

Centro San Vicente (CSV) - $192,730.00
Replication of CSV Model Development and System Changes for HEAL in a clinic setting program         
To assist Texas Tech University Health Sciences El Paso in adopting a care model developed by CSV. Together they are implementing sustainable systemic clinical changes to promote healthy eating and active living among overweight/obese pediatric patients in El Paso, TX.

City of El Paso - $296,571.00
Eat Well! El Paso      
To expand the currently successful program to include adult menus, food trucks, and chain restaurants, as well as provide nutrition training during food handler classes in El Paso, TX.

Ciudadanos Comprometidos con la Paz, A.C. - $120,802.00
Healthy Movement    
To provide healthy foods and offer physical activity for 160 children ages 6-16 across four community centers in Ciudad Juárez, MX.

Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico - $121,594.17
Early child Nutrition Education Program
To establish an early, positive self-orientation towards HEAL and increase asking behaviors for healthy foods and physical activity by children ages 3-5 in home-based daycare programs across Doña Ana County, NM.

Doña Ana County Health & Human Services - $149,809.44
Nuestra Vida – Our Life
To establish and sustain nutrition and physical activity opportunities for diabetic and pre-diabetic adults and their social networks and in adolescent after-school programs at community centers in Organ, Chaparral and Radium Springs, NM.

The FEMAP Foundation - $139,975.00
Children’s Nutritional Assessment and Care
To increase fruit and vegetable intake by providing meals and nutrition education. Also to provide opportunities for physical activity for disadvantaged children in after-school programs across eight elementary schools in Ciudad Juárez, MX.

Kelly Memorial Food Pantry - $105,776.00
To establish and sustain the FreshPlace model to address the underlying causes of hunger among clients at their food bank in El Paso, TX.

La Semilla Food Center - $110,892.10
Edible Education       
To provide school garden and nutrition education programming to schools in Doña Ana, NM and El Paso, TX counties.

Las Cruces Public Schools - $250,062.00
Las Cruces Public Schools Healthy and Fit Project  
To continue adapting and piloting health and physical education components into the curricula and initiating staff wellness programs at schools across Doña Ana County, NM.

The Regents of New Mexico State University - $194,904.00
Using Reinforcement Schedules to Improve Carotenoid Levels, Reduce Fruit and Vegetable Waste and Increase School Lunch Participation in El Paso.
To apply social learning theory and basic marketing principles to increase fruit and vegetable intake among middle school students in the Ysleta Independent School District of El Paso, TX.

Texans Care for Children - $25,000.00
Children’s Health Policy and Advocacy Program      
A general purpose grant to help Texans Care for Children strengthen statewide Texas obesity and healthy living policy through policy analysis, advocacy, collaboration, and strategic communication.

Texas A&M Foundation - $218,278.94
More Counts/Mas Cuenta     
To provide promotora-led direct service healthy eating classes and family physical activity opportunities to intergenerational families in Socorro and Clint, TX, along with creating a HEAL advisory council for Far East El Paso County and providing training to promotoras.

For more information on these grants, call Michael Kelly, Vice President of Programs at 915-544-7636 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .