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Tres Mariposas Presents Check to FEMAP Foundation

Since 1970, Tres Mariposas has provided the El Paso/Juarez region with upscale fashion apparel.

2015 marks their 45th Anniversary and Tres Mariposas celebrated with a Fashion Runway on an event named “Fashion’s Night Out” held on September 10, 2015. A percentage of their proceeds and sales from that event benefitted FEMAP’s Capital Campaign.

On Tuesday October 27, 2015 Tres Mariposas (5857 N. Mesa) awarded FEMAP Foundation a check totaling $5,100.

This is the second time Tres Mariposas has held a fashion event in benefit of FEMAP and has raised a total of $9,913 between 2014 and 2015.

The funds raised by Nan Napier and Tres Mariposas will go towards the capital campaign. This campaign was launched in 2014 to build and equip a School of Nursing and remodel and expand Hospital de la Familia.

Nan Napier, Owner of Tres Mariposas stated "FEMAP does some of the most significant work on the border. I was impressed years ago when I visited their tiny hospital, and saw how much they were doing with very little. I am not surprised FEMAP’s contributions to the community has grown and grown:  FEMAP supporters are passionate, and FEMAP uses donor dollars very efficiently.”

 “Education and access to health care opens doors, widens horizons and give people the chance to change their lives for the better. But all too often, those who stand to benefit most are held back by poverty, prejudice, or lack of opportunity,” said Anna Alemán, Executive Director of the FEMAP Foundation.

“FEMAP has made it their mission to give anyone in our bi-national region equal access to higher education, whatever their circumstances. All this leads to a greater economic prosperity.”