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Dear Capital Campaign Friends,

In September, FEMAP Foundation held a cocktail in Dallas, Texas at the home of Artemio De la Vega. The event allowed us to share FEMAP’s story and work with a new group of friends.

Guests saw pictures and the Capital Campaign video showing individuals living in poverty who have had doors of opportunity opened for them.  FEMAP has made it its mission to provide access to higher education to anyone in our bi-national region, no matter what their circumstances.  We’ve seen the opportunity to become a nurse change disadvantaged people fundamentally and permanently, extending beyond themselves to their children. 

We’ve also watched economic prosperity follow, not just for the mothers and fathers who have become professionals, but for the entire City of Juarez.  The beautiful Hospital de la Familia and the FEMAP School of Nursing have grown out of what was a blighted area – only a ten minute walk from El Paso’s side of the border.

We thank our recent friends and Capital Campaign donors from Dallas:

                                    Ralph & Anne Brickner

                                    Rick & Ginny Currey

                                    The Dallas Foundation

                                    Artemio De la Vega

                                    Katie Edgar

                                    T. and Susie Hardie

                                    Sean & Lisa Hennessey

                                    Cindy Howell Hodge

                                    Annmarie Olind

                                    Raymond & Harmony Pittet (in honor of their beautiful daughter Solange Pittet)

If you’d like a tour, please contact us at (915) 544-4151 or