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School of Nursing Graduation- December

Forty-four students graduated from the FEMAP School of Nursing. As tradition mandates the “Angeles de Salud/Health Angels” generation participated in the ceremony of the “Pass of the Light” and received their nurse caps symbolizing the accruing of knowledge and process needed to serve as a nurse as well as the nursing emblem pin signifying the student’s passage to clinical practice.                    

This was the first graduates to have their ceremony at the “Paul Foster & Alejandra De la Vega Foster” Auditorium inside the new FEMAP School of Nursing. Family and friends filled the auditorium to capacity.

The majority of those seeking a nursing education at FEMAP are poor, seeking scholarships for the $43 per month tuition. The Nursing School provides opportunities for the poorest people to study and  become healthcare professionals.       

Graduates are guaranteed good paying jobs upon graduation while serving a desperately underserved region.

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