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Celebration of Dia del Niño in Cd. Juarez - FEMAP’s Community Programs for Youth

Saturday, April 26 was Dia de los Niños in Mexico. Since 1925, Día del Niño, or the Day of the Child, has grown as an annual celebration throughout Mexico. This day recognizes children, pays homage to their importance in society, and endorses their well-being. We took this opportunity to showcase FEMAP’s youth programs in Cd. Juarez.

FEMAP transforms the lives of 10,000 children and adolescents every year by contributing to their quality of life by implementing programs that helps in their physical and emotional development. These programs also strengthen communities working with children such as schools, community centers, social workers and parents, to confront the problems faced by today's youth in Cd. Juarez. The following are some of the youth programs that FEMAP in Cd. Juarez has implemented.

After School Programs—Because students who participate in after-school programs perform better academically, FEMAP implemented after school programs in 2006. FEMAP offers extended hours and pro-vides a wider array of academic and health services to 1,322 of our most valuable resource.

ValorArte para Niñas y Niños—
In partnership with the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, FEMAP created the ValorArte para Niñas y Niños
program. Under the guidance of international choreographer and educator Jacques D'Amboise, the ValorArte program uses dance to let children’s confidence soar. Young minds discover an artistic expression and academic discipline they didn’t know they had. The program enriches creative thinking, fortifies a sense of security and strengthens self-discipline while keeping 604 nine-year-olds physically active through 160 dance sessions. Participating children are in the fourth grade at five schools: Lázaro Cárdenas, Guadalupe Victoria, Apóstoles del Agrarismo, Felipe Angeles y Mariano Irigoyen. The program is now made possible with a grant from Artemio and Angela De la Vega and the FEMAP Foundation.

Valoración Nutricional en el Ambito Escolar— with funding from Paso del Norte Health Foundation in 2012, FEMAP created a pilot nutrition program for community kitchens serving children in Ciudad Juarez. The goal of the community kitchen is to ensure that children eat at least one healthy meal a day. A training and evaluation plan for people who work and volunteer at the community kitchens was developed with the assistance of nutritionists.
Approximately 1,050 nutritional assessments for children were conducted by nutritionists to create a data base that includes anthropometry measures through 152 classes. This data will assist in detecting children who do not fall within normal ranges and will be referred for medical and laboratory testing at one of the FEMAP sponsored hospitals. Seven training workshops were conducted for volunteers and personnel of the participating community kitchens.

En Sexualidad tu Tienes la Palabra II— En Sexualidad tu Tienes la Palabra II (When it Comes to Sex, You Have a Say)

The Two Should Know Initiative is part of Paso del Norte Health Foundation’s Goal 4: Healthy Family and Social Environment. For eight years, FEMAP/SADEC’s first sexuality program, Jovenes, Cultura y Sexualidad (Youth, Culture and Sexuality) provided comprehensive sexuality education for youth 12 to 18 years of age in primary and secondary schools in Ciudad Juarez to assist in the prevention of unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and relationship violence.

In 2011, En Sexualidad tu Tienes la Palabra II was designed to train youth between the ages of 13 – 17 to become peer educators and conduct presentations on healthy sexuality to students in area schools. By December 2012, 207 Youth Health Promoters were identified and trained to provide accurate and reliable information about adolescents and sexuality. 8,245 teens from eight schools participated in 20 presentations by youth educators and attended 14 special performances of the marionette program.