FEMAP's Capital Campaign will Build FEMAP School of Nursing, and Expand Hospital de la Familia

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FEMAP’s School of Nursing
In 2013, a commitment was made to construct and equip an entirely new school to meet the growing demands for an education in this field. The new School will have the capacity to educate 1,000 nurses per year and thus graduate 250 to 300 nurses per year. This will result in greater professional opportunities for the poor of Cd. Juarez and increased medical services for those we serve.

The School of Nursing, which is four stories high, will include 10 classrooms, an auditorium with seating for 300, five clinical laboratories, a library with a computer room, professors’ lounge, offices and bathrooms. New construction will total 53,690 square feet. The current school has graduated 1,175 nurses in the last 20 years.

The FEMAP School of Nursing will be inaugurated the beginning of April, 2015.

FEMAP’s School of Nursing was established on September 20, 1993 in response to a lack of nurses in the Municipality of Cd. Juarez. It began as a one-year general nursing assistant course offered to unskilled women with few options for employment. Within months, the school received academic certification from the National Professional Technical Education Council (CONALEP).

On November 11, 1997, the FEMAP’s School of Nursing was incorporated to the Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez (Autonomous University of Cd. Juarez – UACJ) which led to a change in curriculum and an elevation of academic standards. By December 31, 2008, the school had graduated 14 general nursing classes and two classes of Nurse’s Aides. The numbers of students rose from 20 in 1973 to 484 students in 2015. In short, the school has grown 26 times over its initial enrollment and is now the largest nursing school in the State of Chihuahua. It is recognized for its excellence by CENEVAL (Centro Nacional de Evaluacion para la Education, National Center of Evaluation for Higher Education). In 2014, five of its students graduated as the “best qualified nurses within the six nursing schools incorporated to UACJ in the State of Chihuahua.”

Between 70 to 100 students graduate as general nurses every year. The school has six directors who are actively involved in classroom and clinical activities plus 32 professors. The majority of those seeking a nursing education at FEMAP are poor, often seeking scholarships for the modest tuition , currently $42.00 per month.

The Nursing School was forced to turn away more than 115 qualified nursing school applicants in 2015 due to space limitations – despite the fact that Cd. Juarez has only 1.4 nurses per 1000 population compared to 2.4 in Mexico, 5 in El Paso and 10.8 in the U.S.

Meeting the Demand for Nurses
Over 3,100 nurses are currently needed in Cd. Juarez with the demand growing every day. El Paso is 50% under the nursing standard for the United States. Dr. Enrique Suarez, Executive Director for FEMAP in Cd. Juarez states, “In a couple of years the healthcare infrastructure of Cd. Juarez will increase due to the expansion of its General Hospital; the opening of the Pediatric Hospital and various health and primary care centers.”

Juarez does not have the academic infrastructure to satisfy this increasing demand and depends in large measure on the FEMAP School of Nursing. Approximately 94% of the total nursing graduates stay to work in Cd. Juarez.

Hospital de la Familia
FEMAP’s Medical Units provide more than 500,000 medical services a year. Hospital de la Familia – a 110 bed teaching hospital is accredited by the Secretaria de Salud de Mexico. Hospital de la Familia’s reputation for providing high quality care to the most indigent patients led the Secretaria de Salud de Mexico to approve it for receipt of government health insurance for the first time. The doctors and nurses at Hospital de la Familia receive specialized training from outstanding US medical doctors teaching at Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford School of Medicine.

The expansion and remodeling of Hospital de la Familia will improve the quality of care and research in Cd. Juarez by:

  • Add a five-floor structure to increase the number of beds from 110 currently to 168
  • Increase surgery from 3 to 5 rooms
  • Increase labor beds from 6 to 10
  • Increase delivery rooms from 2 to 3
  • Add one surgical suite for obstetrics
  • Increase outpatient care rooms from 30 to 42

The Hospital will construct and equip a new Medical Ambulatory Services Building to:

  • Increase the capacity of the laboratory from 350,000 studies to 400,000
  • Increase the capacity of Imaging from 44,800 to 55,000 x-rays, ultrasounds and mammograms

In 1973, FEMAP’s Clinica de la Familia was the first structure to ensure women had access to prenatal care and labor and delivery services. Comprised of two beds, it is where the Promotoras de Salud directed the women in their colonias with whom they shared family planning information. The clinic grew to four beds in 1976, becoming Hospital de la Familia and to 110 beds in 2015, while broadening its services beyond those related to its primary mission of child and maternal health. In 2004, Hospital de la Familia was designated as a teaching hospital by Mexico’s National Ministry of Health.