1000 of 25 Club


FEMAP Creates the 1000 of 25 Club, which brings supporters from every point in the country with a low monthly donation. Our goal is to reach our first 1000 members, that will be an essential part of supporting new demands of need in the community, by creating and adapting programs to ongoing health crisis as well as keeping the current ones a float.

Today's ongoing Crisis

Our organization keeps adapting to change and riding the wave of uncertainty. FEMAP, with its relentless help for the community, is extending the reach of assistance to the local hospitals in our border region. This means our necessities have grown, as our community is in dire need caused by COVID19 cases, FEMAP with the Hospital de la Familia is a forefront for relieving the Hospitals in the region for non-infectious cases.

Your contribution will impact tremendously by helping the region with giving space and treatment for COVID19 Cases. The Hospital de la Familia is proud to operate as the extension for Hospitals in Cd. Juarez to tend to regular health care needs for the public, this includes; birth deliveries, emergency trauma treatment, ICU care and surgery, post-operative recovery, Imaging and Laboratory services as well as outpatient services.

This situation has originated the hospital to operate at a 98% capacity, which has significantly increased the overhead, originating a challenge of receiving the resources on time while the hospital continues to provide the high-level of care that our patients require.


Be part of CHANGE, be part of LOVE, be part of FEMAP

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