Since 1990, FEMAP’s School of Nursing provides opportunities for the poorest people to study and become healthcare professionals. Graduates are guaranteed good paying jobs upon graduation while serving a desperately underserved region. In 2014, the school had an average of 493 students registered per semester (986 students in the calendar year). The school has six directors who are actively involved in classroom and clinical activities plus 32 professors. The majority of those seeking a nursing education at FEMAP seek scholarships for the modest tuition, currently $43.00 per month.

In its 20 years, the FEMAP School of Nursing has graduated 1,301 nurses. Mexico’s National Evaluation Center (Centro Nacional para la Evaluacion or CENEVAL) recognized the State of Chihuahua with the best nurse graduates in the field of academia and the first five places were awarded to FEMAP’s School of Nursing graduates.

In 2014, FEMAP Foundation granted $15,000 for scholarships, resulting in 116 students having the means to attend school.